Passive cooling means cooling your home without using electricity or any other energy source. Passive cooling is based on the idea of using physics (convection i.e. hot air rises) and/or physical properties of material (reducing thermal conduction and radiation).

With proper planning and design, a home can be designed or modified to minimize the use the energy consumption while keeping it cool enough to be comfortable.

Here is a series of passive cooling ideas you may want to implement in your home. Most are quite easy to implement even if you home is already built and if you want to build or renovate your home extensively, there are some ideas you can incorporate into the design.

  1. Ideas to shade your home, build a living wall and even a tiny garden can help.
  2. How to use window tint and external blinds to create a cozy environment
  3. Pools and sunshades can help too and are quite cheap to use
  4. Why modern designs without overhangs are a disadvantage and how does air bubbles in autoclave concrete blocks help cool the house.
  5. Roof ventilation – 3 ways to cool the roof and keep your home cooler
  6. Awning are not just keep the water out and make your home nice. Discover which types of awnings perform double duty and cool your home.
  7. Ways to insulate the roof
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