Passive Cooling – Part 2 — 3 Comments

  1. I love clear glass but do not like the heat wave that comes with it. Is there anything on the market that reduces the heat wave and does not compromise the clarity and light that comes from clear glass yet? If quality is compromise, what product causes the least compromise for clear glass. I have been to some homes, which have not tinted but BLACK coloured glass and these are the least favourable to me. I have no problems if people can see me or vice versa.

    • I can only think of window tints. Unless you want to use double glazed glass, i.e. 2 layers of glass sandwich a layer of inert gas. That will be an expensive option. Alternatively, you can add some awnings to shield direct sun from hitting your windows once they past a certain angle.

  2. I am sorry perhaps my question was not clear enough. What I meant was which type of model & brand of WINDOW TINT is able to reduce heat dramatically while maintaining its OVERALL look to like clear glass? The clearest CLEAR WINDOW TINT, is there even such a thing on the market? Thank you for your earlier advice, I can’t wait for the trees to be grow up.

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