Having an automatic gate or autogate is no longer a luxury in Malaysia. With an autogate, you safe yourself the inconvenience of getting in and out of your car several times. You’ll avoid rain, shine and most importantly, security.

If you are thinking of installing an autogate in your home for the first time, there are several factors to consider. The most important off course is the type of gate and whether you want to change your existing gate. If you use the existing gate, usually a swing gate, the cost will be lower and you only have to choose the manufacturer and the installer. If you intend to replace the entire gate, then you can choose between 3 types of system, however the cost will be higher.

An autogate system consists of an electric motor, electronic control board, gear or gearbox and these component have a certain lifespan. In our tropical heat and sudden rain, over time these components will wear out or fail. Even if they do not fail, any auto gate needs servicing occasionally. So you have to budget for such maintenance. A system that is properly installed with quality components will have lower maintenance cost over its lifespan.

Swing Type Autogate

Swing type autogate

Buried motor autogate

The swing type autogate is the most common since most gates are swing type. Today the most common autogate for this type of gate is arm gate, where your gate is open and closed by a cylindrical shaped arm. This type of system does not need a motor to be buried in the ground. It is much easier and cheaper to install compared to older swing gate with underground motors. This design overcomes a common problem of water seepage that will damage the motor. Many underground systems are being replaced with swing arm systems to avoid this problem.

A slightly different design is the double swing gate where the gate is folded when it is opened. This design is used when you have a very wide gate or if you prefer a gate that takes up less space when it is opened.

Sliding Type Autogate

A sliding autogate uses a motor that operate on gear teeth at the bottom of a gate. Autogates that operates a sliding gate is tend to have less problem provided the motor is correctly sized for the weight of the gate. However, they tend to be slower to open and close and you’ll need to change your gate and install the rail for the gate to slide on. The disadvantage of a sliding gate is that they are not suitable for all houses since a lot of space is required for the gate to slide to the side. A sliding autogate without the right controls can crush pets and children because the motor tend to be more powerful.

Besides the type of gate you have, the other important factors for choosing an auto gate system is the size and weight of your gate. Although smaller motors and are motors cost less, a gate that is too heavy is the fastest way to reduce the life span of your auto gate system.

In the next part, will will look at the different autogate components┬áthat you’ll need to be aware off.

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